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  • Katherine Harrington

All-Pro Electric Proposal to Install Downtown Haverhill EV Charging Stations

[Pictured: Mayor James J. Fiorentini at the Herbert H. Goecke Parking Garage on Merrimack Street March 18, 2019.] For us, there is no project more rewarding than those which help to better our local community and beyond. Electric vehicles (EVs) dramatically reduce pollution, and through our collaboration with National Grid installing EV charging stations, we are determined to do our part. Thank you, city councilors, for listening to CEO Michael Harrington’s proposal to install electric vehicle charging stations in the downtown area of Haverhill.

As reported by on June 4, 2020:

The use of electric vehicles is on the rise and a Haverhill electrical contractor has a plan to provide electric vehicle charging stations in the downtown area at no cost to the city.

Michael Harrington, a Haverhill resident and CEO of All-Pro Electric, told city councilors Tuesday night he is willing to install charging stations at up to four city parking lots. He explained National Grid is currently offering tremendous rebates on chargers and the cost of installing them. Although there are other costs involved, Harrington said, he would be willing to pick up that tab if the city is interested.

“They do not fund design, engineering, signage and part of the networking charges. What I’m willing to do is cover that portion of the cost for the city of Haverhill because I’d love to see these chargers installed,” Harrington said.

The Council expressed gratitude for the proposal and agreed to refer it to the mayor, public works director, Planning Department and Downtown Haverhill Parking Commission to determine the best locations for the charging stations and to initiate the process.

Councilor William J. Macek, a newly appointed member of the Parking Commission suggested any future paid parking plans be coordinated with the locations of charging stations.


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