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  • Katherine Harrington

How Installing EV Chargers Benefits Workplaces and Businesses

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now a common sight on U.S. roads, and it’s projected that they will make up 54% of all new car sales by 2040 (Bloomberg, 2017). More and more of your employees are likely to contribute to that percentage, and they will need reliable EV charging on a regular basis. Who better than their employer to provide EV charging stations, particularly when the decision is so mutually beneficial?

Installing EV charging stations benefits workplaces and businesses in many ways:

  • Revenue Generation Research shows EV drivers have higher dwell times than other customers, as well as an overall higher income than the average household

  • “Sustainable” Brand Identity Today’s employees and customers show increasing concern for environment, and installing EV charging stations demonstrates care and sets you apart from competitors

  • Employee Attraction and Satisfaction EV charging is attractive (and affordable!) perk your company can offer as part of a benefits package

  • Environmental Impact Supporting the use of EVs through installing EV chargers helps to curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which ultimately affects us all

  • For a Limited Time, Installations at a Minimal Cost to you From All-Pro Electric On a first-come-first-serve basis, we are offering a money-saving deal on EV charger installations in partnership with National Grid. If you would like to hear more about this offer, or to discuss any electrical need, please feel free to contact us at (978) 469-0100 or via email at


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