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Go Green with All-Pro Electric! 

With a large number of Americans making the switch to electric transportation,

now is the time to get ahead of the curve by installing EV Charging Stations.

All-Pro Electric is offering 100% turnkey installations at a minimal cost utilizing state and local incentives.


For Municipalities

Do well by your city, town, and the world at-large by providing EV charging as a sustainable energy source. With so many state and local incentives available, now is the right time to "charge up" your muncipality! 

For Businesses

Providing EV charging stations for your customers and employees is just smart business! Keep your company's profitability at its highest by attracting new consumers and retaining long-term employees with this convenient perk.

For Multifamilies

Give residents the ability to charge their electric vehicles at  the comfort of their own residence, and attract the rapidly growing segment of EV-driving renters! You are guaranteed to set your property apart from others in the market.

Why All-Pro Electric? We make it simple!
25 Years of Industry Experience
Simplified Charger Selection
Completed Applications for State and Local Incentives
Total System Design
Secured Permitting


Projects Include:

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